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White Mountain Retreat in Crete ran as a successful Retreat and Healing Centre for six years  and closed in 2006. Unexpectedly short and sweet, but for those who were a part of it, be it as part of the Team or as a guest visiting it was an amazing event.

The basis for this rare coming-together of spiritual heart in an amazingly beautiful place on the planet was a co-creation of some humble, inspired human beings and a prodigious amount of spiritual help.

This time around, this rare opportunity to live the dream had its time and then it closed. We, human associates, did what we could to hold to opening again. It was not to be and so we have now closed the website, as it often raised false hopes for those seeking retreat. We recommend for the future you look to Grail Haven France as a sacred place for a retreat for your self...... www.grailhavenenfrance.com

Our website domain has some life left, so we leave this open for those of you to touch.

5 useful phrases you can treasure if you like:

All best wishes to you, and firm courage on your journey forwards.

Should you want to find out more about White Mountain Retreat and its history, we are still available to contact, the story is on file and we are happy to answer questions.  We have been privileged to be a part of something so wonderful, and hope there will be openings to do more of this kind of thing if opportunities arise!

Contact Julie: julie@healingwithbachflowers.com or Kate: info@shiningbrightly.co.uk.

In case you have read an article on Julie and looked here; for more information on Julie's work with Bach Flower Remedies, please visit www.healingwithbachflowers.com